Urethane belts


Urethane open end timing belt, metric and inch pitches, Steel or Kevlar cords, also with Green Nylon on timing side (PAZ), Nylon on back side (PAR) or nylon both sides (PAZ-PAR). Extra PU backing 85A also available.

Splice welded

Our splice welding is FAST, we can make your timing belt to the dimensions desired on metric or inch pitches.

Quote joined endless and open end belts

Food Grade

The food industry is an increasingly large and dynamic business, at Probandas we are always one step ahead.

All of our belts are easy to clean, solvent resistant and designed for all types of food products and processes such as:

  • Dough processing
  • Packing
  • Classification Banks
  • Transportation of products
  • And others

T5 Blue REOClean 150mm width / T5 White FDA 450mm width

Dark Blue and White T5 Sealed Food Grade belt. Perfect for direct contact with food.


T5 Blue REOClean is a FDA and EC10/2011 approved food grade, reinforced with aramid tensile members with reistance to hydrolysis and microbials. The conveying side has small spikes profile to give a higher grip. 


  • Polyether TPU
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Anti microbial material
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • Precise conveying


These belts allow:

Synchronous transmission high efficiency low noise transmission.


  • Linear or Splice Welded RPP8 PAZ Urethane/Steel corded Timing Belt
  • Widths available: from 10mm up to 100mm (0.39” up to 3.93”)
  • Spliced welded Lengths: from 800mm up to 90 meters (31.49” up to 3543.30”)
  • Linear lengths: from 1 to 295 Ft

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