Probandas Group

Probandas America LLC was established in Texas the year 2010, wholesaling Fabricated Timing Belts thru distribution and private branding to belting customers.

As the industry needs solutions, our knowledge and flexible fabrication processes makes us a Unique Belting Supplier.

Knowledge, Fast Quoting and Lead Times are our BIGGEST advantages over any other competitor.

Probandas® group has more than 20 years of experience fabricating all kinds of belts.

Our Company


Commercialize industrial belts that meet the requirements of our clients, through the experience and quality of our staff, as well as the close relationship with our entire team of collaborators, where the skills of each of them allow to assist and contribute in what is the best option for our clients.


To be a leading company in the national and international market for the supply of industrial belts, complying with international quality standards, being the best option for our clients, we want to have a solid foundation structure that is the means to fulfill our commercial relationships .

Our Values


At Probandas we are passionate about what we do and we strive to direct ourselves towards excellence every day.


Our products are controlled and verified with strict tolerances in measurement and aesthetics.


We work with Honesty, Transparency and Loyalty, transmitting our professional ethics with our environment.


We develop and promote new products, business models, services, and automation processes.


We add the talent and effort of each element for continuous growth, thus achieving the objectives of the company.


Our commitment is with society, suppliers, clients and team, transcending each of them.

The key to our company is our people, we are a complete team whose goal is the satisfaction of each of our clients, making them aware of our commitment to each of them for being a solid, responsible company capable of solving their problems.

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